Object security

Tboundless service-information security and tracking GSM-network system Convoy installed on the security object allows you to monitor the protected object (car, cottage, garage, boat) and manage its service devices throughout the coverage of the GSM network.

In the most common case (car), the system can work either independently or together with an additional security system or a regular system for remote control of car door locks. When working together, the system is set and disarmed with the additional signaling key fob or the car key fob. Also, you can disarm the system from the telephone keypad (during a call), a command in the SMS or using a special software application. Information comes to the phone via SMS or a call.

Notification of the reasons for an alarm comes the car owner immediately when an alarm is activated. It is also possible to realize the protection of the vehicle with the engine running. Alarm continuously monitors the level of GSM-communication system with your phone. You can use up to 5 different phone numbers that will be dialing or send SMS-messages about alarm and service events.

If you connect an optional GPS module to the GSM-system, you can determine the exact location of the security object. Having installed the GSM-system, you can listen to what is happening in the car, in the apartment, in the garage and realize the «hands-free» mode.

As a service function, the system has universal additional channels that allow you to control additional devices remotely (from the keypad during a call or in the text of an SMS message) or automatically (when arming, disarming, switching on / off the ignition). auto start system, engine warm-up system, climate control system, central locking or any other equipment for a stationary object that you want to control.

The GSM system has a dual-zone shock sensor and an inclination/displacement sensor integrated in the control unit, and it is also possible to connect various sensors to the system (breaking glass, traffic, smoke, etc.)

Take a look how the system works. The demo-version of the personal user account will show you how the system CONVOY Online is working and how you will be able to control and monitor the object of protection by the example of the demo object.