Your security object
now has its own personal website

By connecting to the system «CONVOY Online» the user can now carry out noctidial remote monitoring of the status of his security object (car, boat, cottage, garage).

«CONVOY Online» uses Google Maps navigation maps, which gives an opportunity to use the service almost all around the world.

What is
CONVOY online?

Access to all of the security and service system information such as:

  • system status (mode)
  • status of the perimeter and sensors of the system
  • main battery charge
  • the exact location of the moving security object
  • list of events with geographic coordinates and the time when the event occurred
  • route of the object for the selected date
  • reports on the length and duration of the route

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More about CONVOY Online


Control your car, cottage, garage or boat, and also operate its service devices throughout the coverage of the GSM network with the help of an unobstructed service-information security and tracking GSM system installed on the object.

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Event Log

CONVOY Online allows remote monitoring of the security object 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever there is GSM coverage and Internet access, so you will have access to the protocol of all events occurring with the object in which the status is displayed (mode) of the GSM-system installed on the object, the state of the built-in and external sensors and limit switches.

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Using the information transmitted by the GSM-system Convoy, you can implement the monitoring mode (tracking) of the mobile security object (car, boat) and be able to see the current location of the object and the status of the GSM system on the Google-map.

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GSM-signaling Convoy is put and disarmed with the help of a regular key fob (if any), and can also work as a «bookmark» (autonomously) or together with an additional security system.

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Here you can find the manual for Convoy use and installation

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Convoy SMS generator and Convoy GSM program

Software application «SMS-generator Convoy» for setting up and programming GSM-systems CONVOY using SMS messages with instructions as well as the «Convoy GSM» program, which is GSM-management system for smartphones based on Android OS

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Take a look how the system works. The demo-version of the personal user account will show you how the system CONVOY Online is working and how you will be able to control and monitor the object of protection by the example of the demo object.