Event Log

The Internet service of the CONVOY Online system allows remote monitoring of the selected security object 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - wherever GSM coverage and the Internet are available.

GSM-system installed on the security object transmits on the real-time scale information about the object that is recorded in the personal database of the user (object) to the server of the system «CONVOY Online». This makes it possible to continuously record the protocol of all events occurring with the object.

In the protocol, the status of the security system and the object, the status of the sensors and limit switches are displayed. All alarm events (siren, limit switches, sensor zones, ignition on, attempt to select the PIN code for system management and pressing the alarm button «Call») have special status and priority.

Also in the protocol are recorded all the service and system events of the object: a low level of charge of the main and backup battery, the level of the GSM network, the fact of an unsuccessful attempt at autorun and the balance of the account of the GSM system.

For the mobile security object (car, boat) in the event log, simultaneously with the event of the object, the GSM system also transmits its geographical coordinates, speed and time according to Greenwich Mean Time. This data is used for the object monitoring mode.

The number of recorded events in the database of the systems server for one object is not limited. For the user archives of the event records of the object for up to 1 year are available.

Take a look how the system works. The demo-version of the personal user account will show you how the system CONVOY Online is working and how you will be able to control and monitor the object of protection by the example of the demo object.