Convoy iGSM-003 / iGSM-005 / iGSM-007 - service-information and tracking security systems, allowing to monitor the protected object (car) and manage its service devices throughout the coverage of the GSM network.

GSM-systems are armed and disarmed with the help of a regular key fob (if there is any), and can also work as a «bookmark» (autonomously) or together with an additional security system. In addition, you can arm or disarm them from the keyboard of a mobile phone (during a call), a command in the text of an SMS message or using a special software application for smartphones.

When working together with the optional GPS module Convoy GPSM-003, GSM-systems allow you to get a link to a smartphone fragment of the Google-map with the current location of the object or to implement the mode of its monitoring (tracking) for the moving object.

The Convoy iGSM-005 and iGSM-007 models are able to work with the CAN tire protocol adapters Convoy UniCAN-420 and Convoy Cantec 2XL. The CAN tire adapter determines the brand and model of the car automatically. With its connection to the GSM system via a digital tire, installation GSM-systems on the car becomes much easier. The application of the CAN tire adapter also allows to reduce the time of installation of the system and to avoid the incorrect functioning of the standard electrical equipment of the car.

The GSM security systems Convoy iGSM-003 / iGSM-005 / iGSM-007 are fully adapted to the Ukrainian climate and market. Numerous bench and field tests of the systems have proven their ease of use, convenience, reliability, high functionality and security effectiveness.


Custom Features

  • Work in the GSM network 850/900/1800/1900
  • Speech interface
  • 5 subscribers to whom the system can call and/or send SMS messages
  • Setting alarm/service notifications (SMS/call) for each subscriber
  • Setting the number of dial-up attempts for each subscriber
  • Confirm removal/setting system arming
  • Notification of system disarming
  • Notification about the loss and appearance of GSM network signal
  • Warning about an unclosed object (car) when arming
  • Bypassing the defective (not closed) zone of the protected object
  • Alert message about reason of alarm
  • The «Panic» mode
  • Automatic return to arming function function
  • Limited operating time in alarm mode (60 seconds)
  • The ability to remotely turn off the alarm mode without disarming the system
  • Controlling the system with a regular car key fob
  • Active label system management (for iGSM-007 model)
  • Management of GSM-system by additional key-chain security system
  • System control from the phone keypad during connection
  • System management using command SMS
  • Protection of management via GSM-channel by PIN-code
  • Protection from the picking matches of PIN-code and notification of an attempt to select it
  • The possibility of an autonomous backup power system
  • Remote replenishment and verification of the system account balance
  • Automatic checking of the current account balance
  • The ability to determine the location of a car using a mobile operator
  • The ability to accurately determine the coordinates of the location of the car using an optional GPS module
  • Remote request for the current state of the system, bus voltage and cabin temperature
  • The ability to listen to a protected object (car interior)
  • Possibility of hands-free mode with optional speaker
  • Alarm button for emergency call (button «Call»)
  • Possibility of passive engine blocking («Immobilizer» mode or two-stage disarming)
  • Possibility of remote control of additional devices
  • Turbo timer mode
  • «HANDS FREE» mode (for the model iGSM-007)
  • VALET service mode
  • The possibility of «silent» setting/removing and triggering the system
  • Monitoring mode (tracking) of the guard object (if there is a GPS module)
  • Ability to work with an additional autorun module
  • Notification of a failed engine start
  • Remote turning on/off of sensors
  • Possibility to remotely adjust the shock sensor and tilt/move sensors
  • Memory of the last system state when the main battery is disconnected
  • Main battery voltage monitoring

Installation capabilities

  • Can be connected to the vehicle CAN bus (connector for CAN bus adapter for iGSM-005/007)
  • Nonvolatile system settings memory
  • Built-in 2-zone shock sensor
  • Built-in 3-axis tilt/move sensor
  • Possibility to program the system using the service button and SMS
  • 8 universal inputs with the possibility of selecting their functions and parameters
  • Log security sign for connection to an additional security system
  • Login permit arming / disarming
  • Connection input for backup battery with charging circuits
  • 6 outputs with the possibility to select their functions and parameters
  • 2 universal timers for outputs with implemented service functions of the system
  • The possibility of NC or HP-locks
  • An additional pager output
  • Ability to work with a regular car horn
  • Protection of the system hardware settings against accidental changes
  • Ability to request current hardware and user system settings
  • The ability to request settings for the monitoring mode (tracking)
  • Programmable delay poll for alarm inputs
  • Low power consumption of the system
  • Protection of outputs from short circuit and overcurrent

Convoy SMS generator and Convoy GSM program

Software application «SMS-generator Convoy» for setting up and programming GSM-systems CONVOY using SMS messages with instructions as well as the «Convoy GSM» program, which is GSM-management system for smartphones based on Android OS

Learn more

Take a look how the system works. The demo-version of the personal user account will show you how the system CONVOY Online is working and how you will be able to control and monitor the object of protection by the example of the demo object.